How To Get The Pirate Skin Pack In New World

  • The first New World Pirate Skin Pack is out now for players looking to experience the world of Aeternum with exclusive character content bundles. It is an exclusive offer for free and is available until November 1. This guide will break down the quickest way to grab the Pirate Skin pack and access it in-game.

    To get Pirate Skin Pack, you will need to log into your Amazon Prime account and sign up for Amazon Gaming. Once you've created the Amazon account, visit the link, click on the 'Apparel Skin' on the pirate skin's first option, and try to claim it. You'll need to log into your Steam account through the page, and once those are connected, you can then hit claim. The pack should come with a Swashbuckler Skin, a Pirate Stance emote, and 5,000 Marks of Fortune.

    Following the first pack, a second one will go live starting the 12th of October and can be claimed by Prime Gaming members by the 1st of November. The second pirate pack includes the following items: Pirate sword skin, Pirate finger-across-the-throat emote, and Three crests.

    After the two Pirate Packs, New World and Amazon Gaming will be shifting their focus towards Robinhood sets, with more details on those offerings coming in the near future.

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