New World's population has dropped sharply

  • Recently, New World has faced many problems, including errors, malfunctions, economic instability in the game due to repeated problems with New World Coins, and lack of final game content for those who reach the highest level. Fortunately, Amazon managed to solve many annoying problems in the 1.05 update, but as the server transfer process progressed, the number of some servers dropped sharply.

    The community has been very outspoken on this issue, especially considering that part of the game content of New World involves a mechanism called war, which is mainly for players to fight against each other to control the territory. Fortunately, Amazon is aware of the growing player base and has confirmed that server consolidation is about to enter the game.

    In response to community discussions on the official New World forum, a developer named Kay confirmed that world mergers are coming, but Amazon will not add them until the system has been fully tested. Due to many problems in the first few weeks, including very long queue times and server transmission problems, the studio chose to be cautious before using this feature. Kay continues to assure people that the team is constantly considering that it is actively working to achieve it.

    Part of the problem may be how the territories on the map of Aeternum will change with the merger. Considering that factions can control various settlements and regions, it is not easy to merge servers due to territorial mismatch. The speculation seems to indicate that the server with a lower population density will be the server that has lost territorial data. In short, players may need to continue to wait, before that, they can Buy New World Coins in advance.