The number of players in New World plummeted

  • There is no doubt that Amazon's New World is a success for publishers, and this is its first major New World Coins. But at the same time, New World also began to lose players quickly, which is also true. New World was launched on Steam on September 28, and it took a few days for enough players to line up to see its full potential. That happened on October 3, and the game reached the zenith of 913,000 players, which is one of the highest players in Steam history. An impressive achievement.

    But this is indeed the peak. In the three weeks after reaching this goal, although New World no longer has server queues or similar situations, about half of its players are lost on any given day, and every day passes, this number will drop. For example, yesterday there was a concurrency peak of 469,000 players, only a little more than half of the historical peak of the game three weeks ago.

    Although it is normal for many games to have a certain degree of decline, please remember that this is an MMO designed to allow players to Buy New World Coins, and such a rapid decline is not very good, even if the overall number is at such a strong start After that, it remained in the top 10 of Steam.

    The reasons for this may have the following aspects. The leveling process can be very slow, sometimes endless running-in. This may shut down players before they dive into the game. The game hasn't changed much in time, at least in terms of PvE. Players will find that the tasks they run in 100 hours are almost the same as those in 5 hours, and there is no story component for players to participate in. For players who have reached it, a large part of the endgame is an almost uninterrupted PvP war between factions on the server, where players will constantly defend their territory or invade to expand their sphere of influence. Many players may find this exhausting and often ask Amazon to reduce the frequency of wars and invasions.