How do New World players buy houses?

  • In terms of MMORPG, player housing is always popular, and Amazon Game Studio’s New World is no exception. Fortunately, when Aeternum owns a house, players don't have to compete for real estate. Multiple players can have the same New World Coins, and they can even invite friends to play.

    But players must pay some New World Coins for the houses they buy, and this is before taxes are considered. However, owning one or more houses in Aeternum does bring some significant benefits to players, so if they can afford it, it is best to invest in this work. The following is the information players need to know when buying a house in New World, and how to Buy New World Coins to their advantage.

    There are multiple houses for sale in settlements in every territory, ranging from fairly inexpensive small houses to more expensive multi-storey mansions. Larger houses cost more and require higher territorial prestige levels to purchase. It may be tempting to buy cheap houses, but if players wait and buy larger houses at a first-time buyer discount, they will save even more New World Coins.

    Players who buy a house in New World must also pay taxes every week, which is where things get complicated. Taxation is determined by many factors. The property tax rate for settlements can be between 5% and 20%, so be careful when buying a house. If the player buys a house in a settlement controlled by their faction, they will receive a tax discount on the first house. Obtaining a territory level will occasionally give players the option of lowering the privilege of property taxes in a particular territory, so keep this in mind.