New World player harvest guide

  • Aeternum's resources are available for grabbing, and New World's powerful crafting system provides players with a variety of ways to refine these New World Coins into weapons, armors, tools, etc. The basis of the New World trade skill system is gathering skills, and one of the skills that players will get a lot of use while playing the game is harvest. Harvesting is the collection of plants and crops, and is essential for making almost all types of objects.

    In New World players only need to harvest an equipped sickle and a harvestable plant. The most basic sickle can be made from a piece of green wood and flint, but the better iron sickle can be made from seven iron ingots, two pieces of wood, and one piece of coarse leather at any engineering level. As players improve their engineering, they can Buy New World Coins. The three main resources players collect through Harvesting are hemp, herbs, and farm plants. Hemp is the most popular in the prairie regions, and it provides the fibers used to make the cloth needed to make weapons, armor, and tools. Herbs can be found almost everywhere and can be used as ingredients in cooking and potion recipes. Farm plants can be found at any farm landmark and used in cooking recipes.

    As players harvest items, their harvesting skill levels will increase, allowing players to harvest higher-quality resources such as magic plants. Do not immediately refine the fiber collected from hemp. Sometimes, the town committee will have a task to give the player a work instruction to make armor storage rooms, and these storage rooms require raw materials. Before refining raw materials, players must check their town committee.

    If the player’s pocket is full of New World Coins, please check the trading station for higher quality sickles, which provide different benefits such as durability, reduced resource weight, or increased opportunities for rare items. Corn is the most valuable farm plant that players can harvest, because it is a key part of cooked corn or cornbread recipes, which can greatly increase the player's luck when harvesting. Increasing luck means increasing opportunities for rare materials.