Where do New World players need to spend New World Coins?

  • No matter which faction the player belongs to-Predator, Syndicate, or Covenant, they can access and donate New World Coins to other company members of that particular faction. Simply put, New World's company is equivalent to a clan or guild. This generous New World Coins donation system ensures the prosperity of all company members, making everyone ready for war and able to resist invasion.

    Trading stations are places where the New World community gathers to bargain. Trading stations are very similar to auction houses in other MMOs. Here, players can obtain a variety of goods-all rare armors, lethal weapons, food materials, potions and so on. As players in the game, they will not always have enough time to be fully equipped. In an emergency, they will not risk crafting or mining trips, nor will they decide to make an expedition to land some rare drops. This is why trading stations are an excellent shortcut to get the items you want with New World Coins. Players who bid on the rarest items can figure out the value; therefore, they may overpay for a certain purchase so that the owner can make a profit. This is business.

    There is no doubt that the developers of New World have their own ideas when deciding on the content of the game's house. You see, New World solves the housing experience in a way that other role-playing games don’t. But first, let's quickly summarize the rules and regulations of the New World. Players’ heroes need to gain 10 prestige in the specific territory they want to Buy New World Coins. Levels can be obtained by completing tasks in the area. Second, once they settle in a brand new home, they must pay taxes to keep it.

    New World can host a family gathering of up to 5 people. This is the perfect plug-in to enhance your health and feel like playing with your friends. They can decorate the house according to their liking. Finally, the biggest advantage of buying a house in New World is that it provides players with additional storage space for items that do not need to be carried but must be stored safely and used for recall purposes.