How to get FFXIV Gil for Final Fantasy XIV players?

  • As a popular game in recent years, Final Fantasy XIV has attracted a large number of loyal fans. As the key content of FFXIV Gil in the game, there are many ways players want to obtain it. Below I will introduce several methods for players who don't know how to obtain FFXIV Gil.

    Roulette is a slow and steady way to Buy FF14 Gil. Not only will players automatically get some FFXIV Gil, but they can also get loot worth selling. Unfortunately, the price of most loot is not high. However, the harder roulette has a different story. Level 80 players can play expert roulette and get the best materials currently available.

    In fact, making furniture is a huge money making tool. Players with homes really like decorating their yards and interiors, and are happy to spend a lot of Gil to have a perfect home. The best crafting class is carpenter, because it has the most house recipes of any class. Through some research on the market sector, players can learn about the best-selling products in the housing category and start working.

    Sell loot from heaven or the palace of the dead. These include rare orchestral scrolls, servants, etc. Even if the player gets unsold loot, it is already cool enough.

    Boss-themed weapons are usually the most popular items on the market. However, please be careful and check the market board daily to see its prices. One day, they may soar or become cheaper altogether. It is easy to understand why they are so popular because they are so shiny. Some bosses also quoted the Final Fantasy XIV game in the past, which made them deeply loved by fans. The more difficult the boss, the more likely the weapon will be sold at a higher FFXIV Gil. Well, that’s all for the way to get FFXIV Gil today, if you are also interested, just try it!