What is the situation of New World before its release?

  • New World in its current state is still a playable and most enjoyable attempt, with great potential, although its obvious flaws may prevent early adopters from sticking to it after the initial release hype.

    As with any MMO, a consistent and loyal player base is necessary to stand the test of time. Compared with other games, New World's ambitious ecosystem relies heavily on returning players. If there are not enough large rival communities to compete for land, all the focus around territories and large-scale PvP battles will only make the game go further. But in the current state, it is unclear whether the game can do this.

    What New World does well is to bring players into a vast world, which has a lot of exploration, many game modes, game styles and beautiful visual effects to attract players. Even with these highest climaxes, the obvious problem comes from a long list of errors, lack of diversity, and the balance of the game needs to be optimized.

    Although the game has not yet been completed, this does not mean that it cannot be successfully released. Most MMO games start in an incomplete state and begin to approach completion over time. Fortunately, for those who are excited about exploring Aeternum, there seems to be a loyal team behind the game, who are trying hard and providing their New World Coins with delays time after time. Even after its release, New World may continue to improve, and one day it may be the completion of the game that players hope.

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