What work has New World done before launch?

  • New World will be publicly tested before its scheduled release at the end of this month. In the past few days, the number of players in New World reached 150,000 and remained consistent throughout the weekend.
    New World will be released soon. During the previous closed beta, New World did a lot of right things. Judging from the weapon system, PvP desires, exquisite visual effects and extensive production system, this game has a lot to praise. The day before the public beta went live, the New World team shared a list of patch notes detailing the changes between the two test phases. This extensive list solves many major problems.
    The public beta has made a lot of fixes to the bugs that plagued different weapons in New World, and enhanced some of the choices that were not the most favorite. The weapon animation looks smoother, most weapons are more powerful, and the overall changes in the front of the weapon look very positive. One thing to note is that the difficulty of the New World adventure has increased, which pleases players who find it too easy during the closed beta. As the difficulty increases, players seem to get better rewards, which is a bonus.
    Some players who have played the closed beta complained that the early part of New World progressed slowly. In the public beta, this issue has been resolved, and the XP required to upgrade has been slightly reduced to level 20, and from level 20 to level 30. Although the number may be small, it allows players to quickly complete New World Coins and test at least one expedition before the end of the weekend. The above is the latest news before the release of New World.