The latest news before the release of New World

  • New World is a large-scale MMO game, set in a fictional era of conquest, where three factions fight each other in order to control an island continent. Players can fight in a large fort battle of 100 people, or make weapons and costumes that others need. This is a very in-depth game, and many things are either wrong or right.

    New World is finally scheduled to launch on September 28th. As many MMOs have done, New World has always been related to players' needs in terms of gameplay. This also caused New World to spend a long time in testing technology. New World has an interesting MMO graphics system. How much can the player see on the screen and how much has happened. Although not the largest in the industry, their Amazon New World Coins is high.

    From the perspective of client technology, New World does a lot of work graphically. They have a very long range of vision, for example, up to 4 kilometers in the game. When the player fights with other players or combatants, everything will be consistent, high-quality, easy to understand, and free from any interference from technical issues.

    The characters in New World tend to have quite high New World Coins. Most MMOs have many different equipment and spells, and a lot of things happen in the animation space, which also leads to very low potential frame rates on many machines. But the developers of New World said that some things are drawn at a lower resolution or have changed in terms of the depth at which we draw them, but this won't be a problem at all in battle.