How do New World players build Ice Gauntlet?

  • One of the most unique aspects of New World is its weapon control system, which allows players to try any or all weapons in the game on a single character, replacing the class-based system that exists in many MMO games. Among the magic weapons of New World, Amazon New World Coins have the most powerful group control ability, which is a good way for PvE and PVP to slow down and stop the attack.

    Ice Gauntlet is practical. Because of this, it functions very well as an auxiliary weapon. If the player chooses to follow this path, then their personal attributes should be assigned to their main weapon. But if the player chooses to specialize in it, Ice Gauntlet can still become a capable junior.

    First, the player needs to invest 300 points in intelligence. This is the most suitable statistic for the weapon to be scaled. It will help players gain mana faster and cause more damage through attacks. Together with the intelligence, continue to put 200 points into the physique, because the player needs some durability to withstand the damage.

    When pairing Ice Gauntlet, the best way is to use New World Coins as the player's secondary or primary weapon. If the player wants to cause damage while slowing down using Ice Gauntlet, the Fire Staff is great, even though the Life Staff is equally powerful in healing and teamwork. But it all depends on the real thoughts of the player. If they choose ice gloves as their main choice, then maybe they will want to use the Staff of Life to get some additional healing effects, although this combination is much better with the Staff of Life as the main effect.