How do players earn New World Coins?

  • In New World, gold coins are the main currency, and players need to plant as many New World Coins as possible. All New World missions provide roughly the same Amazon New World Coins and experience, so players can choose any of them.

    Collecting resources plays a vital role in New World. It is far from enough for the player to obtain New World from the mission. But because collecting resources is a time-consuming task, not many players are willing to do so. Precisely because of this, it has caused a huge shortage of sales resources in the market. But in fact, this task is not difficult, players can get resources in many places.

    Resource collection is hierarchical, and low-level resources are easy to find and cheap in the market. Things like low-level equipment or low-level resources will be very rich. The middle-level resources are usually higher than the upper-level resources. Things like advanced armor or resources will be sold on the market at reasonable prices. Rare hierarchical resources This requires the player's character level to be very high. Not only the level is high, but the player's craftsmanship also has a skill level.

    Traditionally, MMO RPGs have markets or auction houses. Using these markets can generate a lot of Coins in New World for those who know how to play them. New World provides many New World Coins for these types of players. New World is still in the early stages of development and the situation may change, but for now, this is how most people get New World Coins.