How New World players get more inventory space?

  • Managing the weight limit of inventory in New World can be a challenge for some players who don’t know how to get more Amazon New World Coins. Below I will give players a detailed introduction to the relevant content.

    While New World is planting a large number of items and materials, players may wish to increase their inventory space. Although running back to the town to sell or store items is an option, this method will become a problem for New World players, who may need a lot of materials for production or tasks in the middle and late stages of the game.

    To get more inventory space in New World, players first need to visit the equipment station in the town and search for the recipe for making thick leather bags. This item will improve the burden, which means it will increase the weight limit of the player’s inventory. This package only requires players to reach the level of production level 5-6, which means that players can reasonably obtain this equipment early in the game.

    To make a thick leather bag in New World, players need several materials: rune, linen, Coarse leather, iron ingots. Secondary holding runes can be purchased through New World Coins from the faction reward shop in the player's town. Flax needs players to find hemp or other plant fibers and refine them on the loom to obtain them. Coarse hides are obtained by peeling the hides of animals and bringing their raw hides or furs to the tannery for refining. To make iron ingots, players should smelt the collected ore in the smelter in the town.