New World’s technical problems limit its large-scale battles

  • The most common complaints from most players about the New World beta are related to the game’s technical issues and server stability. Although any beta version will malfunction, many New World players reported that they were kicked directly from RPG New World Coins, preventing them from playing the game normally.

    In fact, many streaming media that played New World during the game test experienced severe slowdowns, server crashes, and some of the above game interruption issues. If the player is on a streaming media server with a large population, they may easily collapse. For New World developers once promised that it can engage in large-scale PvP wars with other players, but now there are many problems, which makes players very disappointed.

    Even more unfortunately, the New World beta version uses a teleportation system that mainly restricts some people from participating in certain types of PvP battles. It is not clear what the future of this system is, but during the public beta, if there are too many people of different levels in one place for too long, players will often be kicked out of the battle.

    Based on this, New World Coins is still unclear whether New World's servers can be stabilized in the subsequent development to ensure that even non-hosts can organize large-scale conflicts in the game. Otherwise, I think the next situation of New World will be very bad.