How Final Fantasy XIV Players Own Mounts

  • Owning an excellent mount is a bonus for Final Fantasy XIV players, who can rely on the mount to achieve game upgrades. As for the mount, how the player should have and choose one that matches him is a very critical factor.

    The first is the Fatter Cat mount, which can be purchased with real money in the store. Generally speaking, the real money mount will be looked down upon by the community, but FF14 Gil is an exception, it is sought after by most players. If the player already has the Fat Cat follower to be matched, they can get extra points.

    Next is the flying chair, which is the perfect mount for an experienced alchemist. If the player wants to make a flying chair, he needs to continue to practice the game. But if they are not interested, they can also find an experienced craftsman on the market board.

    The two mounts, Fatter Cat and FFXIV Gil, are relatively easy to manipulate relative to the player. If players want to experience it, they can check their related information first, and then it’s not too late to go to Final Fantasy XIV to experience.