Path of Exile 2 postponed release

  • The developers announced that Path of Exile 2 was postponed to 2024. It’s a shame to wait so long, but it’s understandable for cool-headed fans. After all, it is difficult to make or update the game. In fact, Path of Exile releases expansion packs or alliances every four months, and there is still time to make Path of Exile 2, which is really a miracle. After all, besides the common problems related to POE Currency, the bigger question impact it will have on the game.

    If the player has been living under the rock, now is the time to know that Grinding Gear Games’ top-down hack and slash dungeon crawler is about to launch a sequel. Like all sequels, all sequels should be better in terms of graphics, art direction, gameplay and more content. Some people will not consider it as a real sequel, because the sequel is just an extra event.

    As for the original exiles, they are just considered having become god-like beings, and they think Wraeclast is too little that they still can’t care about it. Players can Buy POE Currency, but cannot bring their items, including POE currency. Another way for the sequel to expand knowledge is for players to explore beyond Wraeclast and Oriach. That we are not referring to Atlas or some other extra-dimensional maps. Instead, it will become a new location in the game world.

    Choosing to postpone the game should give GGG enough breathing space to ensure they have the people they need. This means that the game will have the quality it deserves. However, the problem is that the delay may give the upcoming rival Diablo 4 a step ahead. If they become popular, the question is whether Path of Exile 2 can beat them like its predecessors, or even though these giants take the lead, at least they can get a dedicated player base. Will delay be an opportunity, a blessing in disguise? Or will it become an obstacle? Only time will tell. In the game, two years is a long time.