Amazon has banned the accounts of players who use the bug

  • Amazon announced they will take steps to ban players who recently took advantage of the vulnerability in the New World 1.0.3 update, which transfers the server to the game. Players can use “gold dupe” glitch to copy New World Gold Coins and items. It works on the principle that if a player sends New World Coins to another player and logs out and then logs in, the Amazon New World Coins they previously traded will still be in their inventory. Soon, news of the malfunction spread quickly.

    Amazon resolved this issue in a statement and stated that the accounts of players who maliciously use the bug will be banned. They will also remove items or New World Coins received when appropriate. In addition, in order to further curb this malfunction, players who use it may temporarily not be able to log in with their characters. This should resolve itself soon, but if it lasts longer, Amazon says players should contact customer service.

    New World players’ use of this way to earn more RPG New World Coins may relate to the currency crisis that is currently emerging in New World. Unlike other MMORPGs, New World is experiencing currency deflation, and New World Gold is hoarded because it is more valuable than crafted items. This has led players to adopt a barter system instead of spending their precious New World Coins.

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