Item Filter and Passive Tree in Path of Exile Expedition

  • Grinding Gear Games shared information about item filters and passive trees before the 3.15 Expedition expansion was released. But even after the start of the Expedition League, there are still some players who are not clear about the specific content, which makes them unable to carry out their next activities well. If they continue to blindly play in Path of Exile without paying attention to the game strategy and do not want to earn POE Currency, then they will not have a good development.

    In the Expedition League, players need to join the Kalguuran expedition, where they will dig out the relics and making deals with some new merchants in Wraeclast. In addition, players also need to place explosives in the right place. After they detonated the explosives, endless monsters will emerge. They can get some loot by killing monsters. However, players need to pay attention to that the stronger the monsters killed, they may drop the better the quality of POE Items. Just in case, it is better for players to team up to take part in the challenge to increase the task completion rate.

    Players will select item categories by category, but only if there is only one category for POE Currency. This will make the filter “backwards compatible”. GGG lists other changes, especially with some changes that are impressive, such as they changed “Thrusting One Hand Sword” item class to “One Hand Sword”, “Blessed Boots” renamed to “Fugitive Boots”, Diamond Flask item class now “Utility Flasks” instead of “Utility Flask Critical”, Lesser Poison Support called Chance to Poison Support and Poison Support called Critical Strike Affliction Support.

    These changes will help players to fall in love with Path of Exile better and explore better treasures in it. Still the old saying, if you want to become stronger, buy more POE Currency! This situation is suitable for players who don’t want to take part in the challenge just for many POE Currency. After all, Path of Exile has been delivering high-quality content for us. If we fail, it would be a shame.