PS Path of Exile Expedition is delayed due to database issues

  • Path of Exile Expedition was originally scheduled to be released on PS and Xbox on July 28. The release of the new extension on Xbox went smoothly, and it thrilled players to join Expedition, but PS users looked unhappy because it suspended them from entering the Expedition league because of database delays. However, some players who have just reacted have reserved enough POE Currency, and it is not too late.

    GGG is currently urgently solving this problem. They also very much hope that players can enter the new league as soon as possible and enjoy their three-month results. And only they are the game team that really pays attention to the authentic experience of the players. They cannot launch this extension on PlayStation until they are sure that this problem has been resolved. However, they cannot provide a current estimate of when the field will appear on PlayStation. The game team will also have a clearer timetable to provide articles with fixed errors.

    The post written by the game team continues and apologizes to the PlayStation community. There is no doubt that it makes sense to postpone the release of PlayStation to solve these problems. After all, no one wants a bad game. If players want more detailed information, they can log on to the official forum of Path of Exile to learn more or log on to POECurrency for more POE Orbs.

    If players hope they can develop well in the Path of Exile Expedition on each platform, they can buy more POE Currency to enhance their competitiveness and the strength of their characters to improve their mission completion rate or survival Rate. In this way, they have more opportunities to collect loot and scarce resources to achieve long-term development.