Review the release of Path of Exile Expedition League

  • Currently, Path of Exile Expedition League is fully available, whether it is on PC or Mac or PS or Xbox. People who want to join Path of Exile now have to get involved as soon as possible, otherwise they cannot keep up with others at a later date. Especially those novice players, they not only need to learn more useful introductory guides but also need to buy some POE Currency to improve their crisis handling capabilities.

    Grinding Gear Games has previously released various timetables for July, which involve content reveals, patches, etc. Although July 16 and July 17 are still mysteriously blank, the timetable begins on July 18, which is the day of Challenge Rewards Revealed. On July 19, Ultimatum League Ends at 3pm (PDT) and 3.15 Private Leagues Are Now Available and Balance Manifesto. On July 20th, Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information have also announced.

    On July 21st, the information of All New and Changed Gems has revealed, and it has also actively mobilized the enthusiasm of the players. The next day, GGG Launch Day Information and Possible Torrent Link. On July 23, GGG officially released 3.15.0 extension on PC and Mac. July 24, New Mystery Box Revealed. July 28, 3.15.0 Expansion Launch for POE Currency Buy.

    Players have adjusted to the rhythm of the Expedition League, and they also attach great importance to their subsequent development. If players hope they can achieve better achievements in the next three months, it is best to buy more POE Currency and keep learning. Go!