Three Big Features Will Be Coming To Ultimate Team In FIFA 22

  • The famous football franchise always manages to churn out a new game annually, making enough changes to still appeal to millions of fans.

    This could be the year where they make some huge changes for the first time in years, and one of these changes is the fact that you can create your own club in Career Mode.

    In the past, EA Sports have revealed a slew of changes to its flagship Ultimate Team and even spent time beefing up Career Mode, much to the delight of fans.

    Pro Clubs, on the other hand, has often received the short end of the stick come FIFA's release date and has notably lacked improvements over the years - until now.

    Three Big Features Will Be Coming To Ultimate Team In FIFA 22
    There have been a lot of new changes revealed to be coming to Ultimate Team in FIFA 22, and one is the fact that Division Rivals will have a massive revamp.

    There are three new features coming to Ultimate Team. FIFA 22 will feature anthem jackets for most of the big teams. Meanwhile the FUT logo is changing, with developers EA Sports going for a more simplistic design. These changes were revealed on Twitter by @Footy_Headlines.

    They announced on Twitter that the changes coming to FUT Champs will be:

        The way you qualify for Weekend League has changed. Every week you have five games to win three games. You get three attempts at this per week
        The Weekend League will have less games (Now 20 instead of 30)
        There is a new player reward system, if you rank higher, you will get a better version of the card

    As for the club itself, there is now deeper customisation than ever before when it comes to kits, badges and even stadiums.

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