New World closed beta may make players feel exhausted

  • Some people worry that the New World closed beta may make players feel exhausted, which will affect the number of players at the time of its official release, and they think it will affect some anchors. This is the concern expressed by Michael 'shroud' Grzesiek.
    New World is Amazon's closest MMORPG to success. It started the closed beta stage and ended successfully not long ago. Most people have positive comments about the Cheap New World Coins game.
    Of course, there are also some errors and problems similar to Asmongold's immediate discovery of the beta version. In fact, this is the main purpose of this process, to find the bad points and solve them before the game is officially released. At the same time, there are some anchors like Shroud admiring it, because New World has a promising future and may become a legendary game competing with World of Warcraft.
    However, what worries Shroud is that some players work very hard in the closed beta. When the testing phase is over, they cannot inherit their previous progress in the full game, which easily makes them feel frustrated. He said that all New World anchors put too much experience into closed beta, which is a bit crazy.
    Shroud believes that the quality of the game itself is satisfactory, and he is not criticizing the game. He just thought that seeing it disappear after spending so much energy on the character, which hurt his soul. After he devoted all his time and trained the role to a high level, he didn't want to lose this role.
    The situation is the same for some players, although it depends on the person. But he thinks many players will feel exhausted before the game is actually released. The difference between anchors and ordinary players is even greater, and their enthusiasm for the game is related to the audience rating of the channel. If this game loses too many players, these anchors may enter a period of burnout.
    Those who have always been popular anchors may be relatively less affected, so they will not be exhausted. But if those New World Coins anchors who have attracted a lot of viewers because of testing New World suffer a sharp drop in ratings, they are likely to lose confidence just like ordinary players.
    Fortunately, the official release date of the game was once again postponed to September 28, which gave players one more month to regain their energy. But for those fans who are already obsessed with New World, this is bad news, because they need to look for alternatives this month. In any case, when New World is officially released, players always need more New World Coins to buy the items they need. If you want to get a lot of New World Coins in a short time, I think you should go to for help.