Madden 21 reward system delay will be fixed soon

  • MUTR is a reward program in Madden 21. This program rewards old players generously, including not only simple gold coins and gift packs, but also chances to be cherished can also eyes on MUT 21 Coins.

    Among the various ways to obtain participation in the rewards program, the weekend league is the best, easiest and most attractive way. If you get more wins, you will get more MUT rewards. When a player receives a reward, it can be used to achieve many goals, such as completing single-player challenges and completing daily tasks. MUTR has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of players, allowing Madden 21 to bring players extra happiness while being full of competition.

    However, many players said that the reward system was not very useful recently. Madden 21 Ultimate Team players complained that they did not receive rewards. Most of this phenomenon occurred after weekend leagues, and a small part of the rewards was not received at the end of the month. To. The general reward system will issue rewards within a few hours after the game, but recently many rewards have disappeared

    Yesterday EA officially responded to the matter. The developer stated that it has been investigating the loopholes in the reward system and has ensured that the rewards that have not arrived in the account are safe. The final issuance is only a matter of time. At the same time, EA also responded to the maintenance progress. At present, it is indeed later than the expected time, but I believe that all rewards will be issued within the next week. During this period time, players can also pay attention to the trading platform, pay attention to the price changes of Madden 21 Coins, and prepare for the reward plan next week.