Path of Exile: will improve the game special effects optimizati

  • Previously,there was a drop in frame rate during the game.The Path of Exile special effects team stated it will focus on optimizing the game scene and character effects,but this process may be longer,and players cannot see the actual effect of the optimization for the time being.The team stated in a blog that the next patch released on June 7 will officially start optimization.Developers said that they are very dissatisfied with the effect of the game now,so they need to speed up the development of the optimization task.


    When the player runs out of VRAM,the game will still run,but the frame rate will drop immediately.Besides affecting the perception and experience of the game,it is also likely to cause a crash.The developers stated they added a system to ensure that VRAM usage is kept to a minimum.Developer Grinding Gear Games stated it will try its best to give users the best gaming experience.There are still many problems to be solved in the optimization process.


    In the past,players often encountered sudden blurring of textures or excessive contrast during the game. In this version update, not only the shadows and textures have been optimized.Players can also use a “wipe cache”button to manually refresh the game quality.POE Currency system is about to become more abundant


    Path of Exile started a fan art competition just yesterday.The entries must be game-related and only accept drawings and models,not videos.The competition ends on June 7, and the top three players can receive POE Orbs rewards.Players can also go to a reliable trading platform to Buy POE Orbs on their own.