The Ultimatum expansion pack introduces a trial of chaos to Pat

  • Defeating RPG Online RPG Path of Exile has achieved fairly steady growth throughout its life cycle. The team plans to release Path of Exile 2 in 2022, but this has not stopped them from continuing to release free updates to the original version. If you want to achieve some success in the Path of Exile, then you can buy POE Currency at the famous POECurrency.

    Path of Exile free expansion After years of free expansion, Grinding Gear Games has steadily released the expansion, and the Ultimatum project is the next expansion. The expansion pack adds a variety of new game styles and final game options, to keep the game fresh for most of 2021, and enter next year's sequel closed beta.

    Chaos Trial
    Chaos Trial is a new system in the Ultimatum, which allows players to accept increasing challenges in pursuit of power. The mysterious master of Chaos Trial, referred to as Chaos, seems to be a remnant of a certain Vaal civilization. Chaos Trial becomes more and more difficult, because you have experienced encounter after encounter, until in the end, the trial master is satisfied with the challenger's efforts. Then, they face a choice: take away the POE Currency and everything they have earned, or take the risk to gain greater glory in a more difficult challenge.

    Engraving an ultimatum is the Path of Exile: a new system in the ultimatum. You will not go through harder and harder trials, but will pick up the inscribed ultimatum somewhere at the end of the world. You need to provide something to the Master Trial, and then the Master Trial will give you a single challenge when bringing that offering to him. If you succeed in the challenge, the Trial Master will reward you with an item that is twice the value. If you fail, you will lose everything. POECurrency will provide you with new and wholehearted assistance, allowing you to easily Buy POE Currency without spending too much money.