How to build a strong following in the Path of Exile

  • Breath stealers can build followers very powerfully in Path of Exile, especially for wizard summoners, such as necromancers. Considering that the modifiers of the rare monsters killed are all transferred to the withered spores, you can get an aura with the suffix other friendly forces can't die; effectively prevent the player and their minions from being killed during the withered spores death, or unless It was killed. Necromancers also have their own halo affinity. This version takes advantage of this and provides many superimposed buffs for any entourage.

    Acquiring the wand of trigger socket spells when using skills will ensure that the necromancer is always safe, thanks to all life restored through blocks and other useful buffs, which may include basalt bursts to reduce physical damage. The Ultimatum introduces Lifetap support for Path of Exile, which can also be used to allow ghosts to cast utility buffs more frequently. Players can purchase POE Currency in the next period of time to gain a greater advantage.

    Preparing for this version is a very simple and flexible process, because the player almost only needs maximum life and resistance to start. A good statistic about jewelry is agility. This is because the witches in the Path of Exile do not naturally pass through many agile nodes on the passive tree. Experienced and old players usually Buy POE Currency in advance to gain a greater advantage.

    As for other skill gems, of course there is a halo, and one of the best gems is hate. Hatred will add most of the creeps' physical damage as frost damage to their attacks, thereby increasing the frost damage caused. Considering that both skeletons and zombies can cause basic physical damage, the bonus here is very spicy, and it also gives them the ability to cool down and freeze the enemy, unless they get the concentrated support of the elements. If you are worried about the lack of POE Currency in Path of Exile, POECurrency will solve your worries.