The complexity of the Path of Exile is likable

  • For me, the main attraction of Path of Exile has always been to find and use weird and unstable items and skills to interact, so I often purchase POE Currency in POECurrency to gain more powerful skills.

    The protagonist of my alliance uses Facebreakers, so there are no weapons. But the really interesting interaction comes from the new shield introduced by this alliance called Mahuxotl's Machination. This adds six cornerstones to my character, which are mixed with energy shields and life leeches. I also have a helmet that increases my fire resistance by 75%, but significantly reduces cold resistance and lightning resistance. Usually I will POE Currency Buy in advance to prepare for emergencies.

    With the ridiculously deadly pride jewel, I can use the Cornerstone of War Tempering, which causes 50% of my cold and lightning damage to be fired. If you remember, my resistance is 75%. Therefore, I can fully focus on the chaos resistance in my equipment, and due to the eternal sacrifice passive on the shield, when my energy shield decreases naturally but also draws from the hit, when it reaches the maximum, my Chaos resistance is temporarily increased by 5%. In order to achieve this by command, I combined the Flask of Divine Bitter with the Flask of Taboo to immediately maximize my life and energy shields simultaneously.

    Path of Exile can sometimes be a bit complicated, which is why I like it. In general, I found myself losing interest in launching a more difficult-to-maintain map in a league with cool mechanics and some suspicious design changes. I'm not exactly at the top, but I do think I am much better than what might be considered average in Path of Exile. I will continue to play, it may end in about 15 or 16 league challenges before I quit, and then I may invest some POE Currency in the construction of the memetic layer.