How to prepare for Witch Summoner on the Path of Exile?

  • Preparing for the witch summoner in Path of Exile is a very simple and flexible process. A good statistic on jewelry is agility. It is useful to put some on the ring and amulet to meet the attribute requirements of the item or gem. Players can visit POECurrency and purchase some POE Currency to enhance their strength in the game

    If players like it, they can spend more POE Currency on this build. They can buy better items, such as amulets that provide +1 gem level of all intelligence skills, which will increase the level and damage of all the gems of the followers. Similarly, a wand with all spell skill gem level +1 is equally powerful, because the follower gem is considered a spell. Finally, it is good to wear a ring with the suffix Curse the enemy hits the elemental weakness so that they are more vulnerable to elemental damage.

    As far as the other skill gems are used, of course there is a halo, and one of the best gems is Hate. The hatred increases most of the physical damage of the followers to their attacks as frost damage, increasing the frost damage caused. Considering that both skeletons and zombies can cause basic physical damage, the bonus here is very spicy. It also gives them the ability to cool and freeze enemies unless they are supported by the concentrated support of the elements.

    Other gems in the Path of Exile include: sprinting for extra movement, Frost Bombs inflicting more cold damage on enemies and reducing their health regeneration, storm shields, more chances to block when needed, and with Cast Summon of Immortality. If using skeletons as their main followers, players should insert Raise Zombie into a 4L item and use a meat shield and feeding frenzy to support it, so that each follower will cause more damage , And zombies can taunt the enemy. If the player wants to focus on zombies, then the above gems should support stone golems.

    Path of Exile: Players who play Witch Summoner in the Ultimatum can POE Currency Buy to improve their equipment and skills, make their servants more deadly, and also take advantage of the alliance’s rare monster wave.