What kind of experience did Path of Exile 3.15 Expedition broug

  • The Path of Exile 3.15 extension has been receiving enthusiastic attention from players since they leaked the news. Earlier this month, GGG proclaimed Expedition in the live broadcast on July 15. There, the Grinding Gear Games team provided some additional information about some of the new content and mechanics players can expect as part of the latest expansion. During the expedition, players will join the Kalguuran expedition, where the player’s task is to dig out relics and possibly undead. Danger is equal to opportunity.

    They need to place explosives underground and detonate them to reveal anything hidden underneath. This may include undead monsters, the aforementioned relics, etc. Of course, after bartering with new traders introduced to Expedition, it will reward players. The developer also added 19 additional support and skill gems. Players can check the previous trailer to learn about the practical application of some of these skills. Prior to the release of the 3.15 extension, Grinding Gear Games also studied Path of Exile’s item filter and passive tree changes.

    For example, Pantheon Souls has also undergone tremendous changes. For those rookies who have just joined Path of Exile, their learning tasks are quite heavy. Because with the development of the game, there are more and more mechanisms, gameplay, and various guides in Path of Exile. They can only get it through long-term learning and gradually master some practical skills and creating a path suitable for their own development to Buy Chaos Orbs.

    If they want to go deeper into the Path of Exile and are not satisfied with the current achievements, they can also buy more POE Currency and ask the powerful players or challenge the most terrifying bosses or explore the most dangerous places in a multiplayer team.