Path of Exile Expedition is similar to some elements in Destiny

  • Grinding Gear Games released Path of Exile Expedition league today. It has a new skill gem, and its working principle is exactly the same as Popular Destiny 2 Exotic Gun. Path of Exile and Destiny 2 are completely different, but a newest upcoming expansion of the former introduces something that most Destiny 2 players will immediately recognize. In Path of Exile, if players want to cause damage to enemies or monsters, using skill gems is a mainstream way. We can embed skill gems in equipment and connect them to Buy POE Currency to increase their damage output or change the way they work.

    Developers added a new bow skill gem named Storm Rain to Path of Exile. It launches an arrow in the sky, eventually landing and causing damage on impact, then it will stick to the ground and regularly cause lightning damage to the enemy. Using this skill multiple times can connect the arrows with each other through a bolt of lightning, creating a piece of land where the enemy is constantly hurting.

    Destiny 2 players may know a special Exotic gun called Anarchy, which is considered being the king of DPS in PvE content because of its arc damage pulse, and because they can combine it with mod Breach and Clear to get bigger hurt. The storm of Path of Exile is basically anarchy, but since the title of Grinding Gear Games has more POE Currency, it is understandable that they do not launch this new skill gem with a large grenade launcher.

    In any case, the POE 3.15 expansion will bring players great happiness and excitement. Every player who loves adventure needs to buy more POE Currency as soon as possible to maintain strong competitiveness in the Expedition League. They also need to always pay attention to some useful game strategies to help their characters grow better and faster.