Path of Exile 3.15 expansion has begun

  • The RPG Path of Exile 3.15 expansion developed by Grinding Gear Games will be released next week. On Twitter, some information about the new league has been revealed. Players are increasingly looking forward to the new expansion. The 3.15 extension released as a trailer on YouTube on July 1 and officially released on Twitch on July 15. It is said that the trailer has shown that Path of Exile will have new mechanisms and capabilities. Developer comments on Twitter also show that there may be major changes.

    The developers have already announced the full details of the 3.15 extension last weekend. As usual, the addition of each challenge league will have a significant impact on players’ POE Currency and the overall occurrence of Path of Exile. Fans have also learned what the 3.15 expansion has prepared for them. The expansion of the PC version will start on July 23, and the extended version of the console will start on July 28. It will release patch notes on July 20th.

    Hack’n’Slay seems to need to breathe fresh air, because about 70% of players on the Steam Path of Exile turned around in June. A Reddit user has resolved this fact and mentioned the probable reasons for how this migration occurred. 1. It is said that Grinding Gear Games pays more attention to Twitch anchors who show games to Buy POE Currency than the players themselves. In the end, whether more players will be interested in the new expansion of Path of Exile through the expansion will announce after the release.

    Players also need to use the last few days to buy more POE Currency as soon as possible, many people are ready. If they rush into the new league doing nothing, they may not only lag far behind other players, but they may also have a terrible impact on their own experience. So, come on!