Path of Exile 3.15 expansion issuance should carry out smoothly

  • Path of Exile developers promise to players will not have the dangerous situation that happened to the Ultimatum League. As early as POE 3.14 extension, GGG allows streamers to bypass the landing queue and can enter the new league’s behavior anger the ordinary players in the landing queue. Players think this is very unfair treatment, affecting them get a happy gaming experience. Although they have POE Currency Buy in advance, it is already later.

    In the league, players advent coveted rewards in increasingly difficult trials. There are competitive elements, those who have reached the highest map have dominated the game economy within a few months. These players will also be in a leading position in the struggle for the most valuable rewards, which give those who have completed on the ladder. But Ultimatum has encountered a disastrous release, causing people to play games quickly at the time.

    According to Wilson’s statement, when the league started, the landing queue became abnormal so that everyone would take at least two hours from the taking part in the game. There Was A “Human Error” That Meant An Important “Trickle Migration” Process Was Not Run, causing the queue to be “unbearably” Slow To Empty. Grinding Gear Games Although the migration is completely disabled, this solves about an hour’s queue speed, but the situation has made players feel dissatisfied. This problem still exists, although Grinding Gear Games is currently working to solve POE Currency.

    Path of Exile Ultimatum League will end this month, the new content that is about to meet with the players is GGG intended to release Path of Exile 3.15 extension on PC and MAC this month. At that time, there should be no serious situation that made the players dissatisfied. Players who have ambition to continue in new extensions should pay more attention to news news and Buy More Poe Currency to improve their response to fresh unknown things.