Path of Exile 3.15 Expansion Teaser shocked players

  • Path of Exile is taking advantage of the 3.15 expansion to replace the Ultimatum League with the brand new Boat League. The new extension will soon make its debut in the studio’s live conference. As a league, Ultimatum also has its moments, such as the great community participation in the first few weeks. It showed this through posts about successful gambling with the Trial Master and those seriously wrong gambling. Since the 3.15 update may release in about ten days, fans want to know what the trailer is about, especially since the focus seems to be more on new skills rather than revealing too much information about the league.

    However, the new trailer for Path of Exile’s upcoming league shows a terrain patch full of skulls with glowing symbols and mounted on spikes. In terms of themes and colors, the skulls are reminiscent of Fairgraves and various POE Currency related to the theme. Then, at the end of the trailer, some new NPCs are standing in the snowy terrain, looking like a hybrid of the iron species and the night watch in Game of Thrones. One of these NPCs seems in motion, and the overall pirate theme of the trailer is not surprising. Many long-time fans became obsessed with the Boat League meme, which was especially dominant when Heist first appeared.

    Over the years, GGG has been building a vast community for Path of Exile, and as the games it creates continue to expand, it has become natural to attract the community with memes and jokes. The Boat League meme is not the only meme that the community still insists on. Other honor mentions include the secrets of toucans and fishing, but for Hester, the possibility of boats and sea operations actually seems reasonable. Therefore, although the official Twitter account of Path of Exile states the ship is not something for Buy POE Currency, what looks like a pirate theme in the 3.15 update is important.

    Players should prepare for this early. After all, many players have already purchased an enormous amount of Path of Exile Currency in advance to deal with the next new challenges and new content. Especially those novice players who have just joined Path of Exile should concentrate on reading a lot of game guides to familiarize themselves with Path of Exile’s game mechanics and general gameplay. Come on!