Path of Exile 3.15 expansion temporarily replaces POE 2 to brin

  • The old players of Path of Exile know that the skill tree in the game is a very large, complex and practical existence. This is an upgrade system that allows players to build any style of play they like by slowly building their passivity. Players start at a location on the vast upgrade map based on their profession, but can eventually build anything. Path of Exile 2 will bring some updates to this system and other core game systems not described, which may increase players’ choices when upgrading. They will also have more opportunities to earn more rare resources and POE Currency.

    Path of Exile 2 Beta scheduled to launch in 2020, but Grinding Gear Games, like many game development studios, was hit by the sudden COVID-19 pandemic. Now everyone is working from home, development continues, and they are preparing for a public beta later this year. This is exciting news, because POE 2 is far enough to ensure that it will switch from closed beta to public beta at some point soon. For a while, fans worried about whether the project would continue, but now Path of Exile 2 has a bright future.

    According to current game development trends, players will most likely meet with Path of Exile 2 in early 2022. It will be free to play like its predecessor, and the only microtransactions that can purchase are completely decorative. If someone is looking for a return to the classic gameplay with a deep progression system, you might as well try to see if Path of Exile is worth the time investment before the coming out of Path of Exile 2 next year, especially for free games, and hope to become that in the next few months getting more popular.

    In about half a month, the Path of Exile 3.15 extension is coming. People who are adventurous can prepare for this, such as reading enough game guides or buying some Path of Exile Currency. Act now!