Several new Madden 21 players made the game more interesting

  • In the Madden 21 Ultimate Legends update a few days ago, another group of players joined the Madden 21 auction house. Among them, two have served as cover stars of the Madden series, who are Ray Lewis and Daunte Culpepper. This time they returned to Madden with their new cards and brought new options for fans who want to strengthen the team. Players who are interested in this should also speed up the pace of earning MUT Coins. Otherwise they will not be able to experience the charm of those new players as soon as possible.

    With this brand new Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Group, gamers will also get several new challenges in MUT mode. Daunte Culpepper and John Lynch each have one. With these, it is possible to get Madden Coins and Power Up items used by these players in the game. There is another challenge to compete with the Ultimate Legends team and earn tokens. MUT players can use the token in the Ultimate Legends suit to redeem MUT Coins.

    To get John Lynch and Ray Lewis Card, you need to find them in random packs, buy them at the Madden Auction House, or put the exchange sets together. To get professional cards, gamers need one 97 OVR card, four 93 OVR cards, and four 89 OVR cards. The random skill version exchange set for any player requires any two 87-88 OVR, five 85-86 OVR, and seven 83-84 OVR legendary players. For fans who are eager for the next EA football match, they can always follow Madden 22’s various news and Buy Madden 22 Coins.

    These players have proven their tyrannical strength to many opponents in many games since joining Madden. And those players who still don’t have enough Madden Coins have been suffering from insufficient economic strength to get what they want. They can turn to GameMS first and then buy some Cheap Madden 21 Coins or Madden 22 Coins, and things will solve by doing so. Convenient way!