Invincible Bill Russell always shines in NBA 2K games

  • NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 7 is called Full Throttle, which contains a lot of content for MyTeam fans to enjoy. As 2K Sports added a new Moments Agenda Group and over 160 Spotlight Sim Challenges, players have received more NBA 2K MT. In addition, the game team has also added some new types of prizes, especially in Spotlight Sim, where gamers can get an invincible card with Hall of Famer Bill Russell as the protagonist.

    Bill Russell, as an ancient beast of the NBA, has won 11 championship rings during his time as a player. Because his ten fingers can’t hold so many rings, he is called the “Lord of the Rings” by NBA 2K22 MT. They can use invincible Bill Russell for triple threat focus simulation challenges. The former Celtic center is now available through the new NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 7 triple threat focus simulation challenge. Bill Russell includes 99 defense, 99 rebounds, 99 organization offense, 99 inside scoring and 98 athletic ability. There is also a 98 perimeter score and 61 Hall of Fame badges.

    Bill Russell is the reward for completing all these Triple Threat Spotlight Sim challenges. However, there are other great cards, including Dark Matters Damian Lillard, James Worthy and Jimmy Butler. The Triple Threat Focus Simulation Challenge is in the Challenge section of MyTeam on the homepage. It listed 11 in the Bill Russell section. Everyone has set the difficulty of the Hall of Fame. The reward for the first four challenges is 1,000 MT, and the next four challenges each give 10 tokens. The ninth challenge rewards 20 tokens, the tenth challenge rewards 20 tokens, and the eleventh challenge rewards 25 tokens.

    Before this section are the challenges faced by every NBA team. These also have rewards, including MT, tokens and 98 OVR player cards from the team as completion rewards. Most of these player cards are the past stars of the team such as Manu Ginobili of the Spurs, Karl Malone of the Jazz and Greg Oden of the Trail Blazers. Gamers need to complete all these team Spotlight Sim challenges, and then complete 11 games in the Bill Russell Invincible Challenge. This will unlock the invincible card he used in MyTeam. If players need more help, they can rely on GameMS to Buy 2K MT to solve their problems.