Players can browse Part 2 of Path of Exile Game Mechanics Q&A

  • Grinding Gear Games has been working on releasing quarterly expansions and stabilizing the stability between each expansion and developing Path of Exile 2. Recently they released Part 2 of a community quiz about game mechanics. Interested players can now log on to the official website or Path of Exile forum to view specific information. Now some players even prepared enough POE Currency early for this, which is too advanced concept.

    If players missed the first part of the question and answer, then they can add their knowledge of Path of Exile 2 there. The development team discussed killing monsters, various effects, mine explosions, etc., which is a very broad content. Part 2 also includes several extensive answers. Interestingly, it also includes a one-word answer to a question that asks whether spell dodge and block are thrown separately for each hit of the same POE Currency. The team simply answered yes.

    Other questions, such as the question of the critical strike of the enemy’s spell on a single hit or roll alone, have been answered more broadly. In short, it depends on the spell. The game would roll a number from 0 to 99, if the chance value is greater than that random number roll, what you do. It is easy to see that this gives the correct behavior. Random rolls can only reach 99 at most, so a chance value of 100 will always occur, and the probability of a random roll of 0 will never be higher than that of a random roll, so a zero chance will Buy POE Currency.

    I dare not say that players who read this information in advance will be better than those who don’t know anything, but there are some benefits in the end. Once GGG officially releases Path of Exile 2, players should immediately buy enough Path of Exile Currency to adapt to the new gameplay and challenges as soon as possible. Come on.