Tips to easily earn Path of Exile Currency

  • Those Path of Exile players who are financially difficult always get themselves into various difficulties because of the lack of enough POE Currency. If they want to achieve their own breakthroughs, they must master as many practical skills and upgrade guides as possible to earn Path of Exile Currency. Fortunately, players can use activities and strategies to earn additional income. Whether using alliance mechanisms or investment maps, players who insist on using Path of Exile’s extensive system will get a complete set of currency items and the rarest items. Here are some tips to help players earn money.

    Most communities believe that supplier recipes are a complete waste of time. This can be said to be correct in leagues that honor more than 200 Chaos Balls, but the Robbery League has adjusted the price of POE Currency to slightly higher than 60 Chaos Balls.

    Because of this, when players enter the alliance, the Chaos formula is very suitable for earning currency. Players will get a Chaos Orb from the supplier by selling a complete set of rare equipment between levels 60 and 74. The complete set of equipment includes boots, gloves, belt, two rings, one amulet, chest, helmet and two two-handed weapons or one two-handed weapon. Selling an unidentified set of rare equipment will Buy POE Currency instead of one.

    Other recipes include turning the map into a cartographer’s chisel with a 20-mass mallet, selling an ilvl75+ rare equipment for Regal Orb, and selling affected rare equipment for two to four prominent fragments. These recipes are especially useful in Solo Self-Found.

    Or there are more practical methods players can also try. If they are tired of these methods, they can also directly seek help from reliable online sellers to buy some Cheap and Safe POE Currency, which is also a very convenient way.