EA committed to solving the problem of lack of rewards for Madd

  • There will always be various promotions in Madden 21 to attract the attention of players. For example, the Legend Group some time ago or the previous TOTW or Wildcard wednesday. Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Rewards is a rewards program for players who sign up for exclusive in-game events. Rewards include Madden 21 Coins, gift packages, contracts and other surprises. In the rewards program, the Weekend League has always been the most attractive source of some of the best and simplest rewards. The quality of the rewards players can ultimately get is directly proportional to their wins.

    After obtaining MUT Rewards, players can use them for various purposes, such as recruiting more powerful players for their ultimate team, playing MUT Rewards single-player challenges and completing goals. But the bad news is that the reward system doesn’t seem to work well recently. Madden 21 Ultimate Team players complained that they rarely received the amount of rewards due. The rewards in question mainly come from the Weekend League, but there are also complaints that the monthly MUT Coins are not fully received.

    Some player has already encountered this trouble, then they don’t need to worry about whether this situation will happen again in the future. Because EA is already investigating the matter and trying its best to think about solutions. So their current task is to continue the previous challenge. When the bug is fixed, all the rewards they deserve will arrive in their account.

    We all know that EA will release Madden 22 in August this year. Recalling the situation before the release of Madden 21 last year, many players went to GameMS to Buy MUT 21 Coins in advance to deal with the many challenges they will face next and their favorite player cards or items. This year, smart players should continue to do so. Follow at all times!