Path of Exile will have a large-scale challenge event for playe

  • Zizaran is a YouTube and Path of Exile anchor. He collaborated with a group of anchors and community members to crowdfund a 10-day professional challenge. The event is scheduled to start on June 12th. Players will upgrade their characters and kill Boss to compete for a lot of loot and POE Currency to understand how all professions perform in the most difficult encounter of Path of Exile. It will hold the Class Gauntlet Event as an event alliance, which contains the new Monster Area of Effect Mod and other damage modules and Monster Life.

    This event will increase the monster’s range of influence, monster damage, monster speed, monster elemental damage, reduce player resistance and increase monster life. Players only need to log in to Path of Exile on the day and click “Join” in the lower right corner to enter. Players will earn points based on level and specific boss kills. However, they should not forget that in order to obtain Boss kill points, they must submit POE Currency in the Path of Exile Community Discord.

    The prize pool is crowdfunded by Zizaran’s event partners, communities and community anchors. In addition, the anchors and their communities will use the funds they raise for the event to create bounties. Bounty is a custom prize that can award to players who achieve specific goals in the event. Players can also pay close attention to their social media and Buy POE Currency during the recent period to learn about when the fundraising event will be held and the announcement of the fundraising event.

    Players who have taken part in similar events in the past should know that before they enter the event, it is best to choose a reliable online seller to buy some POE Currency as a backup, which is a wise choice. And they must also beware of other players, because there may be some players who are not keen on the content of the event, and the purpose is only to rob other players to get the resources they need.