What will Path of Exile 2 perform on PC?

  • After Grinding Gear Games released Path of Exile in 2013, as the game community flourished, the development team was dissatisfied with the lack of dungeon crawlers. Soon, with the smooth development of Path of Exile Ultimatum, developers have also put more energy into the Path of Exile 2 beta that was supposed to be announced at the end of 2020 but delayed because of certain factors. The sequel introduced new gameplay mechanics and weapon categories, and did not leave the community behind. By the way, the items purchased by the original Path of Exile players and POE Currency will continue to POE 2, so that players can easily enter the new PC game.

    According to the developers, they continued the story of the first game in Path of Exile 2, which is a dark fantasy on the continent of Wraeclast. There is a lost eternal empire, ancient gods, demons and contracts to save or destroy the world. Naturally, monsters are everywhere in this land, and players can kill and rob in large numbers to get sufficient resources to promote the flourishing development of their characters. They built Path of Exile 2 on the same engine as the previous game, and the sequel jump allows the team to make game changes without leaving the current POE Currency. Players only need one account to access these two games. After GGG officially releases it, players can choose to log in to either of them and create characters to start the game.

    GGG president Chris Wilson said that they do not want to split the existing player community. And they also ensure that Path of Exile can continue to upgrade normally, which has a good role in promoting both. Sharing the client also means that some of the gameplay improvements in Path of Exile 2 will also be applied to POE Currency Buy. This does not mean that Path of Exile will get all the features of Path of Exile 2. Each storyline has specific monsters and items, so players won’t see too many crossovers.

    Many players can’t wait to experience Path of Exile 2. Still the old saying, if players want to take advantage of any Path of Exile event in advance, they’d better buy some Cheap Path of Exile Currency as a backup, and pay more attention to the news and guides before the official arrival of Path of Exile 2. Come on!