The franchise in Madden 22 may bring huge surprises to players

  • Although EA’s updates for the Madden 21 franchise at the beginning of this year did not have much substantial effect, when looking forward to Madden 22, they provide us with some very positive signals. With the rise of #FixMaddenFranchise and EA Sports, these challenges seem to be kept in mind, and players have high expectations for it and prepare the idea of MUT Coins in advance.

    In the latest franchise model update, all the changes made by the developers ultimately mean more to Madden 22 than to Madden 21. Besides all the news about the Madden 21 franchise model brought by the latest update, the screen behind Madden NFL executive producer Sean Graddy also revealed some Madden 21 Coins and leaked changes for Madden 22. The information seems to show that the offensive and defensive coordinator will return to franchise mode in Madden 22.

    Although this employee management function was a function that existed in the Madden series a few years ago, it may not solve #FixMaddenFranchise on its own, but this is another positive sign EA Sports has been listening and committed to promoting the franchise model. Although they did their best to retroactively correct the error and bandage Madden 21 to get the franchise model fans want, even if the title reaches EA Play and may see MUT 21 Coins, the franchise of Madden 21 is currently looking at It is no longer worth remedying.

    Instead, players should wait Madden 22 to see if EA Sports brings these starting points into the right upgrade and development franchise model in the next part of the Madden NFL series. After EA releases Madden 22 in August, the new franchise will show all its charms. Players should also buy some Cheap Madden Coins before they are officially available. Wait for it.