The lead developer clarified some things about the Path of Exil

  • The next expansion, Expedition, has been released,  but the public does not like the direction of the game. This prompted the lead developer to explain something about the upcoming update. Chris Wilson, co-founder of Path of Exile, went to Reddit to share his thoughts on the issues raised in the expedition patch notes.

    Before that, there were a lot of nerves in the patch notes. Therefore, many people are not satisfied with the changes in the 3.15 update. Show 2021 selected the 15 best games in the UK. The main reason for the weakening is to promote the spread of power to a certain extent. Of course, the developers want the game to return to its origins and slow down from its current state.

    Wilson said that he and his team have reached a tipping point where they face the spread of power. Although the nerfs outlined in the patch notes may seem scary at first glance, Wilson guarantees that they may not be as influential as they appear in practice. "The changes we made in the expedition are a well-thought-out series that looks daunting, but the overall impact on your gameplay may be less than you think," he said. In the game, players can improve their skills through POE Currency.

    The lead developer also revealed that the mana cost of certain gems will be increased in the next update. The developer found that some auxiliary gems have very low mana. This prompted them to make some adjustments. In the balance manifesto issued before the patch notes, Wilson stated that they have not yet proposed the ultimate value of the support gem. Therefore, the expression used in the declaration is ambiguous. He apologized for this and promised to improve their communication in future updates. If you Buy POE Currency, you can quickly upgrade in the game.