Soul developer compares character building with Path of Exile

  • The core of Eldest Souls is Soulslike, but it is also a Boss rush game with great progress, very similar to Path of Exile. Eldest Souls is different from many other Boss rush games. Although the core is an independent game, it has a diverse and healthy progression system. The influence of games such as "Dark Souls" and "Demon Souls" is undeniable, but "Eldest Souls" has successfully become its own game, and it also provides a lot of customization in terms of construction. Game Rant interviewed Fallen Flag Studio founders Jonathan Costantini and Francesco Barsotti to discuss their work in Eldest Souls and how the in-depth and complex character customization process was formed.

    Two different paths can help players make full use of the characters in Eldest Souls. The first includes the talent tree and its branch options, and the second is what the developers call "injection system". In terms of the complexity of the construction and how players find a large number of interactions, Eldest Souls is not much different from Path of Exile, and the talent tree can be changed to try different POE Currency before meeting each boss in the game. Coincidentally, Costantini is also a loyal fan of Path of Exile, and particularly likes the role-building process provided by action RPG.

    Although Eldest Souls will not be mixed with a large number of different equipment that is becoming more and more rare, and Path of Exile has many unique items to choose from for interesting combinations, the upcoming independent game will provide players with skills Points and rewards after each boss. Debris kills. Eldest Souls has three different branches, each with its own nominal ability, and then each branch becomes the other two trees, providing a large number of construction and optimization options.

    Windslide skill is a sprint ability, it can also launch missiles to damage the enemy, of course, it also gives players the opportunity to have more mobility construction. The second branch is characterized by Furious Slam, which is a powerful melee attack that causes the most damage of the three skills. It also provides a buff called Furious, which can further increase the damage. Finally, the third skill is called counterattack, which is a defensive skill, and its function is similar to that of the dark soul. According to Costantini and Barsotti, Counter is also the most difficult to master, and time confusion can make the skill not cause damage. Buy POE Currency can double your damage value.