Packers will have home court advantage in Madden NFL 22

  • In the new "Madden NFL 22" video game, the Green Bay Packers have one of the best home court advantages. The new mechanism will provide specific rewards  for each team when playing games at home and controlling "Momentum Meter" (another new game device in "Madden NFL 22"). The Packers' advantage, nicknamed "Go Pack Go!" "Frozen Tundra" will give Green Bay a major power advantage and will significantly hinder the visiting team in two important aspects of Rambo Stadium.

    The Packers will get more motivation, and the visiting team will get less. With the new "momentum meter" added to the game this year, the momentum swing at Rambo Stadium in favor of the Packers may become even more important. The visiting team will also get tired faster, and it will be harder to change direction. A faster fatigue rate means that in a 60-minute game, the opponent’s efficiency will be reduced. And these players will also encounter more problems when changing directions, which is a recognition of the problems that visiting players often encounter in elements such as snow at Rambo Stadium.

    The following is EA Sports’ explanation of the new mechanism: “Each NFL team is equipped with an additional unique M-Factor, which can only be used when the team is defending its home court. For teams that play at home, their Home court advantage allows them to unlock an additional M factor through motivation, but if the away team first seizes the Madden 22 Coins, they will also be banned first."

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