Path of Exile 3.15 Extended Trailer Makes Fans Excited

  • Path of Exile is being updated with another league to take over the ultimatum, and players want to know if the ship league meme comes true. Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile is coming to an end to the current alliance, with an ultimatum, and it relaunched in April of this year. Therefore, the new extension will soon make its debut in the studio's live conference.

    The alliance’s ultimatum also has its moments, such as the large-scale community involvement in the past few weeks. This can be demonstrated by posts about successful gambling and serious wrong gambling with Trial Master. Since update 3.15 may be released in about three weeks, fans want to know what yesterday’s trailer is about, especially since it seems to focus on new skills rather than reveal too much information about the league.

    However, it should be noted that Path of Exile requires huge engine changes to allow GGG to handle water-related POE Currency and player interaction, which is more likely to appear with Path of Exile 2. In fact, one of the trailers of Path of Exile 2 does show a character walking around on the deck of a ship, which means that the ship alliance may eventually become a thing in the future.

    As for the new elements of the trailer, Path of Exile seems to have at least four new active skills, one of which looks like the beloved son of popular skill gems such as Whirlwind, Harvest and Bladestorm. Everything else is like magic, all enduring chaos because of the purple light. The other has been confirmed to be a lightning skill that is basically similar to Doriani's Touch, but the texture of the domain is more square.

    Almost no other content is displayed, so the actual content of the alliance remains to be seen. Although this is the current guess, it is well known that GGG will sow the seeds for the upcoming game through other meaningless comments or posts. Going back to the tweet with a list of uncontained content, every item in the list that does not appear in the game is marked with an "X". What does this mean? Pirates, maybe there are buried treasures to dig. Buy POE Currency will allow you to be one step ahead of the new expansion.