NBA 2K22 release date and legendary cover may be rumors

  • An image leaked on Twitter may reveal the official release date of NBA 2K22. The image also reveals athletes who may appear on the cover of the game legend. The image was leaked by NBA 2K22 and the Intel Twitter page. We are not sure how this page gets the image, but it looks very official.

    In addition, we may have obtained the first batch of information about the NBA 2K22 Special Edition. Allegedly, the image shows that the NBA 2K22 NBA 75th Anniversary Edition may be available this year. In terms of the bonus that comes with this version, this version is definitely similar to the 2020 Mamba Forever version. According to reports, the NBA 75th Anniversary Edition includes the old and new NBA 2K22, plus 100,000 VC.

    As can be seen from the picture, the release date of "NBA 2K22" seems to be September 10, 2021. This is approximately the usual time for NBA games to be released, which is a few weeks before the start of the season. It seems that this year’s game will also celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NBA. Finally, the picture shows the athletes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kevin Durant and Dirk Nowitzki. All three players are legends, although Durant is the only player still playing in the NBA. But NBA 2K22 MT can really help you unlock many outstanding characters.

    The only reason we classify this news as a rumor is because 2K Sports has now revealed any official details. On the face of it, the leaked image seems very legitimate. Hope that more detailed information about the game will be announced soon. Take-Two has not confirmed that any of these are true, but if it is, NBA 2K22 will be released globally on September 10. Buy NBA 2K22 MT in advance allows you to have a better performance in the game.