Path of Exile announced the career challenge in June

  • Zizaran is a YouTube anchor and Path of Exile anchor. Work with a group of presenters and community members to crowdfund a 10-day professional challenge. Zizaran, Path of Exile’s own community host, hosted a 10-day professional competition. The race started on June 12th. Racers will compete for points by upgrading their roles and killing bosses, and learn about the performance of all professions in the most difficult encounter on the path of exile.

    The Class Gauntlet event will be held as an event alliance, including new monster effect zone modules and other damage modules, as well as monster lives for total bounties from the Zizaran community and event partners. This event increases the monster's range of influence. Monster Damage, Monster Speed, Monster Elemental Damage, Player Resistance Decrease and Monster Life Increase You must log in on that date and click "Join" in the lower right corner of the character selection screen to enter.

    Zizara's event partners, communities, and community volunteers provide a rich POE Currency. In addition, Maze and its community can use the funds they raise to create charity. Bounty is a traditional reward that can be awarded to players who achieve a specific goal. Check social media to see when the fundraising event will be held and the fundraising event announcement.

    When you upgrade your character to a certain threshold, you are also eligible to receive randomly drawn prizes, including goods and microtransactions provided by Zizaran's event partners, and 1,000 Apollyon mysterious boxes. The general prizes listed below are randomly drawn from all characters of the corresponding level, but the armor package prizes above level 90 are drawn by category. For micro-transactions and physical prizes, each account can receive more than one lottery ticket, but each category can only win one prize. Buy POE Currency can get more rewards.