Madden 22 you may have to wait for the franchise mode to start

  • Madden 22 will be launched on August 20 this year, and the long-awaited franchise model has entered an update. You may want to enter this mode immediately. But wait. Although the franchise model has seen improvements from fans, Madden 22 has made many requests, including adding Madden 22 Coins coaching staff. The special and very important functions of the weekly strategic decision and the new season engine will not be available until September.

    EA has confirmed that the game will not improve patrols when it is released. Instead, it will be part of the real-time service update in September. This means that it may be that time, or it may be delayed. Although it arrives in September you have to wait until then to start your franchise. You must restart your franchise after downloading the update to access this enhanced spy feature.

    We don't have many details about the improvement of scouts, only that this is a "major structural reform" for key franchise projects. So far, the reconnaissance function has been featured in previous Madden games, but it has been greatly weakened, so that it is not even fun, or remotely interesting. There are also no strategic elements.

    We don't have much about how to Buy MUT 22 Coins. But this is so far, the reconnaissance function has been introduced in the previous Madden game, but it has been greatly reduced. So it is not fun or interesting. There is also no strategic factor. It seems that the improved Scouting in Madden 22 adds a new depth layer, and it looks like you don't want to miss it. It is not clear whether Madden 22 will be launched with the old spy system before the update arrives. Or is it impossible to patrol in franchise mode until the September headline update arrives?