Path of Exile is confused with the production of Harvest

  • Last year, one of the three-month leagues in Path of Exile was called Harvest, which allowed players to plant seed gardens to generate monsters and eventually use deterministic craftsmanship on their items. This means that if players have some sweet loot, but lack a special statistic, they can put in work to get it. Most players are not big fans of league gardening, but almost everyone likes to use specific mods to improve their equipment capabilities.

    This mechanism like the previous mechanism has entered the main game. The current ritual alliance allows players to experience the harvest area while completing the game. And get a small amount of randomly selected crafts. Not everyone is crazy about how it works. But in general many people are happy to recover. "Harvest" with a certain ability. Because it allows a wide variety of powerful devices.

    If you don’t know much about Path of Exile, here is a quick overview. A few things you need to know: The game drops a "ball", which is a currency that can modify existing items in a variety of ways. The economic system in the game also uses these items effectively. Especially the exchange of chaotic orbs and noble orbs for desired items. The game function of Chaos Orb is to randomize rare items with new modules. The function of Noble Orb in the game is to add a new random mode, but most people use these currencies as the currency of the POE Currency.

    In general, the GGG team seems to want players to use Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs to modify items. The problem is that these are not only very rare, especially precious orbs, but also a specific set of modifications, even ordinary modifications, usually require thousands of Chaos Orbs. No one will do this. Especially when most people are playing in a trade league and can trade with only the items they want, such as 10 Chaos Balls. Even for more expensive items, it will be cheaper to POE Currency Buy directly.